This week we had a pin-up crit in which we had to explain our projects to our classmates and we would get feedback in exchange. After the oral exchange we also had the chance to write some more comments on post-its for each person.

It was a great experience to see other people’s work and see how they react to your own. I got some great advices on printing and lots of encouragement to keep going. Thanks people!




Tutorial 05

This week I had tutorial with Clare. She adviced me about starting writing the thesis soon as I need it time to write about all the research and experimenting I have done. Also she talked about my images; how they looked more interesting when shapes and colours overlapped.
She asked about what was my plan about the book cover and recommended me to use stencils and monotyping so it could relate well to the images inside.

Concerning the book making she suggested hand bookbinding as I was making the whole thing by hand this would give the nice craft feeling I was looking for. She also informed me about a place where I could get nice papers to print on.


Simplifying images and technique choice

I decided to create the images with only one grey and 6 other colours for each emotion [with tone variations depending on how intense is the emotion felt at that instant].
Concerning with the technique I chose to create the outcome with monotype technique as I had already been experimenting with it and I would loose the texture of the monotypes if I transformed that into screen-print.
Another reason why I chose to continue with this technique is because conceptually suits very well the project as well. The whole story is about emotions being mirrored from one person to another, the same happens when monotyping. The image you create on one surface is mirrored/transfered into another; this way I get concept and technique to bound.

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